Tyler Hubbard Says New Song 'Undivided' Was 'a Gift From God'

Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard released their new song, "Undivided," earlier this month after Hubbard originally wrote it with Chris Locke in November while he was quarantining in his driveway amid a COVID-19 diagnosis. During an appearance on the Today show on Thursday, the Florida Georgia Line member opened up about writing the unifying track, sharing that he received some divine inspiration.

"From the day of conception on the tour bus in my driveway when I had COVID, this song just felt really special," he said. "Ultimately, Tim is probably tired of me saying this, but I just feel like it's a gift from God, to be honest. Lyrically, melody, everything that came to me that day just felt like, 'Oh, this is too easy.' I didn't write this song; I feel like it was given to me as a gift."

After sending the song to McGraw, Hubbard shared that "it's just been one miracle after the next." On Wednesday night, Hubbard and McGraw performed "Undivided" during the Celebrating America television special, which took place after President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris' inauguration.

"It's so surreal the opportunity we had last night, even the opportunity to get to sing with Tim," Hubbard said. "For me, it was a huge honor. Just to watch this come to life has been so surreal; it's been amazing."


The duo's performance was filmed at night in front of the Nashville skyline, and McGraw reflected that "Nashville's gone through a lot in the last year like everyone has. [...] This community's strong and tough, and we think it's a vibrant, beautiful, just a wonderful community of great people, and it was great to be able to highlight that and show that," he continued.

Hubbard called performing during the inauguration a "surreal" moment. "It felt so special. To have Nashville in the background, to be under that bridge but also sort of represent bridging a gap of some sort... For me, it just felt so surreal. It was special and it just feels like one thing after the next; I can't believe this is happening. This song, it's bigger than us, and with every opportunity that comes our way, it's just a reminder that, hey, this song is bigger than us, anything is possible, and we're just honored to be able to share such a positive message to the world on such a large platform. Really special."