Trisha Yearwood Opens up About Aging Gracefully

Trisha Yearwood has been in the music industry for over three decades, and as she's gotten older, she's learned to give herself some grace. In an interview with New Beauty, Yearwood was asked about aging in the public eye, and she admitted that she does "think about it a lot — especially when I look back and see pictures of myself when I was 28 and remember I wasn't happy with how I looked."

The Georgia native explained that women are often "so hard on ourselves!" "We're never thin enough, we're never pretty enough, we're never, whatever, fill in the blank," she said. "I look back at the pictures and I'm like, 'Oh my God, there's not a line on your face! Why were you so hard on yourself?' I learned a long time ago that, no matter how I feel about myself, somebody is going to love it, and someone is going to hate it, so I have to base how I feel on how I actually feel about myself — not how someone else feels about me."

While many women experience pressure surrounding aging in the entertainment industry, Yearwood shared that she hasn't found that to be the case. "It seems that as I get older, people are a little less critical of me," she mused. "Maybe they're moving on to the younger people. I also think that I've never totally disappeared from the public eye, so that might make it a little easier. Sometimes, when you don't see someone for years, and then you see them 20 years later, that's when it's clear that time has passed and they have gotten older. When you watch someone age publicly, it's not a shock…I guess I'm in that category."


She added that her goal is to age gracefully, something she saw firsthand in her mom. "My mother was a beautiful, natural, young 74 when she passed, and I loved how she looked," the singer reflected. "I love the look of women who age gracefully. It doesn't mean you don't ever get Botox, it just means that you try to age as naturally as possible, and that's my goal. I'm at an age where I look at myself and go, 'Man, I'd like for this to be different and for that to be different,' but I'm not obsessed with it. I really do want to find a peaceful, common ground and look as good as I can, while also aging gracefully."