Trisha Yearwood Shares Garth Brooks' Two Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

Trisha Yearwood can make countless dishes, but when it comes to Thanksgiving, there are two foods that her husband, Garth Brooks insists on having. The host of Trisha's Southern Kitchen admits she makes them for Brooks, even though at least one of them – mashed potatoes – she doesn't think is necessary.

"In my house growing up we typically didn't have mashed potatoes because it's like two starches, but I make both for him because he likes mashed potatoes," Yearwood told Good Morning America.

The Georgia native also makes plenty of gravy to go along with both the mashed potatoes and Yearwood's famous turkey.

"Garth loves gravy," Yearwood divulged. "So he looks forward to Thanksgiving for the homemade gravy with the turkey."

Yearwood has a unique, and perhaps controversial, way of making turkey, but it's a method she promises works every time.

"You put the turkey in (the oven) and you turn it off after an hour," Yearwood said. "Through the night that hot heat is still cooking it as it cools down. When you get up in the morning it's fully cooked. It's tender, it's perfect."

Yearwood can put up with a lot of variables on the holiday table, but there is one thing she insists on serving year after year.

"My favorite thing to make on the Thanksgiving table is my grandma's cornbread dressing. It's a tradition that's been passed down from generation to generation," said the 55-year-old. "It's what I grew up on so I can't imagine not having that on the table."

According to Brooks, there's only one thing he and Yearwood will argue about, and it's definitely not food.

"So me and her are always cool until it comes to music," Brooks shared on The Kelly Clarkson Show. "It just does. Because I go, 'Why do you like that song? That song sucks!' All of a sudden it's like, 'I didn't mean that! I really didn't mean that.' That's just how it is.

"Same way with her," he added. 'Why do you use that player?' It's just that love. That passion for music is great. We've had some pretty good discussions."

Yearwood and Brooks might disagree about music, but Brooks credits Yearwood with helping him find his own unique sound.

"She's the bomb," Brooks boasted. "We counted it up the other day, just out of fun. I think she sang on over 90 songs in our career. That's her singing background vocals from way back, the first record, up to here. So she's as much the Garth Brooks sound, or the cooler part of it, than Garth is. She's great."


Yearwood and Brooks will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary on Dec. 10, where they will enjoy a night out with Brooks' three daughters.

Photo Credit: Getty / Tony Barson