Trisha Yearwood Reflects on End of World Tour With Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks and his wife, Trisha Yearwood, will wrap up their exhausting three-year World Tour with seven shows at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn., which kick off on Saturday, Dec. 9, and will wrap up on Dec. 23. Following their final concert, the couple will return to Brooks' native Oklahoma, where they will, finally, catch up on some much-needed sleep, just in time for the holidays.

"It's been pretty nonstop, but it's been great," Yearwood tells "I think we are tired. Garth says we are tired and wired, because I think we are tired, but we are really having a great time. It's an experience that we all know is special, so even though it's coming to an end, this portion of the tour, we're not going to be done, we're going to do other things. It's bittersweet. I think everyone is ready for a nap, but we're also really enjoying it."

With the World Tour ending in Music City, there are bound to be a few surprise guests for each of the shows, but Yearwood isn't releasing any details.

"I can't tell you!" she insists. "I can't announce it. It'll be a little bit different. Every city has its own little thing. I'm really looking forward to it. I feel like ending this three-year-plus tour in Nashville is definitely the way to close it out, and to be home, and to share it with everybody. I've been on a lot of tours. I've toured for 25 years. I've toured with Garth twice. I've never had an experience quite like this. It's an experience that we have on stage, as well as the experience in the crowd. It's not just a show where I'm singing for you; I'm part of this experience.

"We've seen things happen in the shows that are just phenomenal," she continues. "We've seen people get engaged. We've seen people do gender reveals. We've had really special moments of people going through cancer. I've got to watch Garth, because one night I'm backstage and I hear him give away a honeymoon to Hawaii. I'm like, 'Honey, I want to go to Hawaii.' Then of course, everyone's getting engaged at our show, thinking they're going to get their honeymoon. It's not going to happen. Not until I go anyway. It's always a special experience."

The powerhouse couple, who host plenty of friends to their Thanksgiving celebration, keep everything much more low-key for the Christmas holiday.

"Christmas will be family," reveals Yearwood. "My sister, she's my person, she and her family, and then our three girls, who are all grown now, and have lives of their own. It's a little harder to get everyone together, but we do -- not necessarily on the day. It's just about winding down. I won't wear make-up until February, and I'm pretty excited about it."


The final date of the World Tour will be on Saturday, Dec. 23. A few tickets are still available on Bridgestone Arena's website.