Trisha Yearwood's Dog Millie Injured While Hiking on a Trail

When Trisha Yearwood took her dog Millie for a hike on a trail, she likely didn't imagine that the visit would end with a trip to the vet, but that's exactly what happened. Yearwood shared on social media a photo of Millie sporting a bandage on her right paw, but assured fans the pup would be just fine.

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"Millie gave herself a pedicure on the trail today," Yearwood posted. "She was a rock star at the vet! She is minus a toenail but please act casual about it so she doesn't feel self conscious!"

Yearwood and Brooks adopted Millie a little over a year ago, on Giving Tuesday, held the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

"Millie was the ONLY dog adopted Saturday from Maury County Animal Services," Yearwood posted on social media at the time. "You can save a life, have a new best friend and give a homeless pet a forever home at the same time. Who knows, you might even adopt one of Millie's siblings! xoxo."

The 55-year-old is likely in full holiday mode, but it's unclear if her Christmas tree is decorated, since she refuses to put the tree up unless Brooks and his three daughters can help.

"The biggest tradition that we've done since the girls were little is to decorate the tree together," Yearwood previously told and other media. "And even though we are all in different places and the girls are grown, that is still a tradition. So our tree might get decorated at Thanksgiving. It might get decorated the day before Christmas, but that is the one thing that we hold true to."

Whether or not she gets to spend Christmas with her entire family, her favorite part of the holiday season is all being together, regardless of the day.

"When you're little, I know we're all this way, but things that your parents thought were cool when you were a kid that you thought, 'Why are we doing this?' As you get older it becomes important to you. So those girls probably would've let that tradition go, but they're like, 'No, we have to decorate the tree together.' So it's something that we continue to do.


"And just like in my family growing up, for us, we just make sure that we have time to be together," she added. "It might not be on the day, but we make sure that around the holidays we have everybody in one place."

Photo Credit: Getty / Dominik Bindl