Tim McGraw Wants to Work out With Ingrid Andress While on Here on Earth Tour

When Tim McGraw kicks off his Here on Earth Tour in July, he will be joined by both Midland and [...]

When Tim McGraw kicks off his Here on Earth Tour in July, he will be joined by both Midland and rising star Ingrid Andress. While McGraw already admitted he is a big fan of Andress, he is looking forward to working out with her almost as much as watching her perform.

"I think Ingrid is an athlete, which is pretty cool, 'cause I come from an athletic family," McGraw shared in a video posted on social media. "I hear she's a pretty mean volleyball player. She might have to hit the Crossfit with us. We're all old guys, so she might make us feel ashamed when she goes out there and kicks our butt."

McGraw is also eager to join Midland's Mark Wystrach, Cameran Duddy and Jess Carson on the road, praising each of the band members for their individuality.

"Mark is an interesting guy, a very talented guy," McGraw maintained. "He's got that whole cowboy surfer thing down, a pretty rare combination. It works out pretty good for him. He's also a complete nut; most people know that."

"Cam, a very talented guy," he continued. "Sweet guy. He's sort of the artistic eye for the entire band. He worked a lot with Bruno Mars. I think he was his creative director, and at some point made some music videos for Bruno, so he's a super talented guy."

McGraw joked about Carson, hinting that there was more to the guitarist than most people knew.

"Jess, there's not much I can say about Jess," McGraw teased. "It's very top-secret. Navy seal, did some serious work. Maybe a little undercover stuff with the CIA. We never know if he's working or not."

McGraw first heard Andress' music while he was at his pool at home, and immediately became hooked.

"We're super happy to have you on the tour with us," McGraw said in a video message to Andress. "We became big fans instantly. I was in the backyard by my pool, and had music playing. You came on with your song, 'More Hearts Than Mine,' and it stunned me. Instantly I ran in to Faith [Hill] and said, 'I think I found someone I want to go on tour with me.'"

McGraw's Here on Earth Tour kicks off on July 10. Luke Combs will join him for his two stadium dates.

Photo Credit: James Gourley/WireImage