Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard Release Director's Cut of 'Undivided' Music Video

Almost two months after releasing the music video for their recent collaboration "Undivided," Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard have now shared the director's cut of the clip. The song's original music video featured scenes of the duo in the studio, and was followed by a video of the two performing the song for the 2021 Celebrating America television special following President Joe Biden's inauguration.

The new video includes scenes from the inauguration performance mixed in with new footage of people lifting each other up, from football teams to friends to front line workers in the hospital caring for their patients during the pandemic. "When you look around and see people loving each other….it’s a beautiful thing," McGraw shared on Instagram. "I wanted this video to celebrate those moments where we come together and make the world a better place." "Special directors cut video is OUT," Hubbard added. "Y’all go check it out and let’s all do something today to make this world a better place."

Hubbard wrote "Undivided" in November with Chris Loocke and told CBS This Morning that he knew he wanted McGraw to be the one to sing the song because he knows the Louisiana native is "a great guy with a great heart." The song was ultimately released one week after the riot at the Capitol in january, and both Hubbard and McGraw agreed that their message couldn't have been more timely. "As sad as I was, I thought, 'Man, I thought we needed this message last year and I didn't think we could need it any more than we needed it last year, but apparently we still do,'" Hubbard recalled. McGraw added that "the Capitol thing was something I don't know that I've processed well enough to even put into words yet. It was so sad and so profound and something that I never thought I would ever see in this country."

"But the song, it speaks to more of the social contract that we have with each other," he continued. "It's not about politics, it's about how we're supposed to treat each other." The song will appear on the deluxe version of McGraw's album Here on Earth, which will be released this spring.

"Music gives us hope and brings us together in a way nothing else can. This doesn’t mean we don’t have work to do. Quite the opposite," the singer previously said in a statement. "I loved the positivity of this song and that it called me to check myself and to remember that love is bigger. It’s why I knew this song had to be my next single with Tyler as soon as he sent it to me."