Thomas Rhett Gives Update on Very Hot Summer Tour

Thomas Rhett is giving fans an update on his Very Hot Summer Tour, which kicks off on May 17 in Spokane, Washington.

"Good morning and greetings from Nashville," Rhett shared on social media. "It's a rainy day, but we are excited to say that every single ticket for the fall dates of the VHS Tour are on sale today. Dustin Lynch, Russell Dickerson, and my good ol' Daddy, Rhett Akins, opening the show for us. So if you haven't gotten your tickets for fall, go do it today, and we'll see you then."

The 28-year-old promised that his Very Hot Summer Tour will be different than any of his previous treks.

"I'm glad we have the winter to plan and come up with some crazy stuff for next year because I can't think of a better way to spend the summer than out on the road with my fans," Rhett said of the Very Hot Summer Tour. "And, I get to bring my dad and two of my favorite artists in country music along for the ride."

It's fitting that Akins is joining his son on the road, since Akins is the one who inspired Rhett's No. 1 hit, "Life Changes."

"Me and Dad have written one other number one song together, but this one is special because I got to tell that story through my eyes, and he also got to contribute to that song by saying 'Well this is how I saw your life in college. This is how I saw your life in these other areas as the years went by,'" Rhett explained. "It was really cool to get a perspective from your dad during the writing process."

Rhett will likely perform songs from his upcoming new album, which he plans to release later this year.

"It's been interesting being back in the studio because I feel like every time I finish a record, in my brain I go, 'I have nothing else to say. How in the world are we going to write for another record?'" Rhett told and other media. "It's funny how the moment you get the momentum back and you start to get into a room and you start writing, you realize that there's a million things have to say; about your life.

"As your life changes," he continued, "there are so many different ideas that you can pull from, when you get in the studio, somehow, some way, the song gods make things fresh again for you."

Find dates at Rhett's official website.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Rick Diamond