Thomas Rhett Reveals Wife Lauren's Favorite Track From 'Center Point Road'

Thomas Rhett just released his fourth studio album, Center Point Road, co-writing all 15 songs on the record. Many of the songs were inspired by Rhett's wife, Lauren Akins, including his current single, "Look What God Gave Her." But, perhaps surprisingly, that isn't his wife's favorite song on the project.

"I think 'Blessed' is her favorite song on the record," Rhett recently shared with and other media. "She was like, 'I bet this song is going to be used in a lot of ways.' And when people Instagram me about that song, it was like, 'Well I had my wedding song picked out and then you released this one, so now it's going to be the wedding song.'

"And so, her radar is really good at what songs she thinks are going to be singles, and what songs are going to be songs that really react with fans," he added. "She's like the best advice giver on this stuff that I could ask for."

Center Point Road might have only been released a couple weeks ago, but fans are already chiming in on their favorite tracks.

"The last track on the record called 'Almost' has been super high reactive," Rhett said. "The song called 'Notice,' that I've loved, I just never thought it would raise it's hand as much as it did, and the song called 'Dream You Never Had' has really, really raised its hand on this album. And so that's what I was saying was cool with it. It's cool when you look at your record and you go, 'Okay, I bet that one and that one and that one will react.' But when it does come out and other ones do, it's really exciting to see what people say about them."

Rhett is known for writing and releasing personal songs about both Akins and his daughters, Willa and Ada. The fact that he is willing to share so much of his own life in his music, and that fans keep asking for more, surprises no one more than Rhett.

"I never in a million years thought I'd be writing records like I am now," reflected Rhett. "After my first record, there weren't many songs that were about much personal about me, because I didn't know that it was okay to do that. It really wasn't until about Die a Happy Man, and I was still nervous to put that song out.

"When I saw what it did, it really opened a lot of doors to say like, 'Hey, maybe if I do write personally then this will react and really resonate with a lot of people out there.'"


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Photo Credit: Getty Images / Robyn Beck