Thomas Rhett Shares New Year's Resolutions Heading Into 2020

As Thomas Rhett wraps up 2019, he is already planning on how he can make next year even better. The 29-year-old had a whirlwind year, including three No. 1 singles ("Sixteen," "Look What God Gave Her" and "Remember You Young"), a successful cross-country Very Hot Summer Tour, and a Grammy nomination for his Center Point Road album, which earned him a Best Country Album nod. As he heads into 2020, Rhett is hoping not for more success, as much as for a simpler, easier life.

"It's always at the beginning of the year and this year was to live simpler," Rhett shared with his record label. "Just with stuff and things that I found important in the last four or five years of my life that really are not. I've just tried to kind of declutter my life a little bit, whether it's mental or physical. And it's been really life-giving to kind of not care about things I used to care about.

"That and just more living presently," he added. "I know that's a lot of people's resolutions but really just trying to like live for that day only, because you really don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow."

Rhett doesn't know what's going to happen tomorrow, but he does know that he and his wife, Lauren Akins, will welcome their third child, a girl, into the world early next year –– and hints they might not be done having children.

"These last couple months have been insane, like, all over the place," Rhett said, via ABC News. "It is very stressful I feel like to travel with your kids and still know that you're waking up at six and you're also playing a show at night. So in that aspect I'm going, 'I love my two kids and I'm kind of content.'"

"If we stopped having kids now, I know I'd wake up at 45 and go, 'We should have had five more,'" he continued. "Because I really do want to be able to sit at a Thanksgiving or Christmas table with the most gigantic family on the planet."

Rhett and Akins gave their two little girls a toy Jeep for Christmas, with Akins sharing a video of the toddlers driving around on their property enjoying their gift.

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"The girls had such a Merry little Christmas cruising around in their new Jeep," Akins shared, along with a few photos and a video of their new toy.

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