Thomas Rhett Loves Sharing Major Career Moments With His Daughters

Thomas Rhett is dad to two daughters, Willa Gray and Ada James, and while 1-year-old Ada might be a little young to know exactly what her dad does for a living, 3-year-old Willa is starting to clue in.

"We were in Australia last month, playing some shows, and I just got done doing soundcheck, and Willa gets out of the car, and she's like, 'Daddy, I'm so proud of you,'" Rhett recalled backstage during the ACM Awards, via The Boot. "And I was like, first of all, how do you know how to say that? Second of all, it just melted me."

The Tennessee native added that it's nice to be able to share his success with his daughters now that they're getting old enough to understand his career.

"So it has been really awesome to share some of these moments with my kids that way that I got to share some of these moments with my dad [Rhett Akins] as well. It kind of feels like it is coming full circle in a way," he shared. "I do this for them — I write songs for them, so it will be really cool to show them this trophy when it comes in the mail in probably six months."

On Sunday, Rhett was crowned the ACM Male Artist of the Year, thanking his family and wife Lauren Akins in his speech.

"I love country music so much. Thank you guys so much for just loving my songs and loving our family," he said before gesturing to Akins, "My beautiful—you are smokin' hot tonight. I don't know if you know this or not. Smokin' hot."

"We are best friends with all the people in this category and y'all have shaped who I am as an artist," Rhett continued. "My heart is beating so fast, I love you. Thank you God. Jesus, Lord, gosh — all the glory there. Thank you ACMs, appreciate you."

Rhett's daughters and his wife also made an appearance in his music video for current single "Look What God Gave Her," the girls in pink tutus and fairy wings as they hang out with their parents on the set.


"Look What God Gave Her" is the lead single from Rhett's upcoming album, Center Point Road, which will be released on May 31. Just before the album's release, Rhett will head out on his Very Hot Summer Tour, which begins on May 17 in Spokane, Washington.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @thomasrhettakins