Thomas Rhett Hints at Wanting Several More Children With Wife, Lauren Akins

Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, already have 3-year-old daughter, Willa Gray and 1-year-old Ada James, and with Rhett's busy schedule, it might seem like their hands are full enough. But the 29-year-old hints that the couple is already considering having more children – a lot more.

"These last couple months have been insane, like, all over the place," Rhett said, via ABC News. "It is very stressful I feel like to travel with your kids and still know that you're waking up at six and you're also playing a show at night. So in that aspect I'm going, 'I love my two kids and I'm kind of content.'"

But when Rhett thinks about the future, he admits that he sees more than his two daughters in it.

"If we stopped having kids now, I know I'd wake up at 45 and go, 'We should have had five more,'" acknowledged the singer. "Because I really do want to be able to sit at a Thanksgiving or Christmas table with the most gigantic family on the planet."

Akins was already pregnant with Ada when they adopted Willa, going from being childless to having two children within the span of four months, which is why Rhett thinks he could handle adding to his family.

"They say that going from one to two is the hardest thing you'll do as a parent," Rhett said. "But going from two to three and maybe four and five, like I'm just gonna embrace it and know that like we can accomplish anything."

"Because there is nothing more fun than being around my children," he added. "And so I can only imagine it gets more fun the more that you have."

The 29-year-old just released his personal fourth studio album, Center Point Road, with several of the songs, including his single "Look What God Gave Her," about his relationship with Akins.

"I think 'Blessed' is her favorite song on the record," Rhett recently remarked. "She was like, 'I bet this song is going to be used in a lot of ways.' And when people Instagram me about that song, it was like, 'Well I had my wedding song picked out and then you released this one, so now it's going to be the wedding song.'

"And so, her radar is really good at what songs she thinks are going to be singles, and what songs are going to be songs that really react with fans," he added. "She's like the best advice giver on this stuff that I could ask for."


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