Thomas Rhett Predicts He Will Write Only About His Children in the Future

Thomas Rhett's 2017 Life Changes album was about exactly that – how much his life was changing. Married to Lauren Akins and without children when he began writing and choosing songs for the record, by the time Life Changes was released, Rhett was a father to Willa Gray, now three, and Ada James, now six months old. And he hints that his role as a father will likely make it onto his next record, and every record after that.

"I've written a couple of songs that just talk about the severe shock of knowing that you're adopting a child and then you find out that you're pregnant," Rhett shares. "So I definitely can see myself in the near future just pretty much only writing about my children. It'll be fun to see; see how they act and see what kind of inspiration I can get from them."

Rhett wrote about Akins in several of his songs on Life Changes, including his latest "Marry Me" single, in which he imagined how his life would have been if he hadn't told her how he felt, while they were both dating other people.

"We wrote it from a place that could have been my life," Rhett says. "Everybody has turning points in their life where you have these moments where you can either go left or go right, and if you go left then you never know what would have been in that right direction."

Still, the 27-year-old says he still thinks they would have had a happy ending, which he hopes viewers take away from the emotional video for "Marry Me."

"At the end I wanted to really just rein in that Nicholas Sparks moment, and really give the viewers a positive ending," adds Rhett. "I think she left the wedding and came and now they're together wherever they are living in the Virgin Islands somewhere."

Rhett will headline his own Life Changes Tour this year, as well as serve as the opening act on Kenny Chesney's Trip Around the Sun Tour. Dates can be found on his website.


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Photo Credit: Instagram/ThomasRhettAkins