Thomas Rhett Credits 'Small Acts of Kindness' With Keeping His Marriage Strong

Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins have been married for over eight years and share three children, and their relationship has only grown stronger throughout their time together. Speaking to his record label, Rhett shared one of the secrets of their marriage, explaining that it's the little things that go a long way.

"Me and Lauren are constantly just going, like, 'Hey, I know that last week was a big sacrifice for you. How can I make this week easier for you? Do you need to go take a four-hour nap while me and the kids go do something, or vice versa? Do you need to go on a vacation with your girls to get away from Nashville for a minute?'" he said. "And it's just those, like small acts of kindness that we do for each other that really just keeps our relationship moving and thriving and growing."

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In her 2020 book, Live in Love, Akins opened up about how helpful counseling has been to their marriage. "I'm such an advocate of going to counseling and going to therapy. We actually, at first, went to premarital counseling before we got married, and the things we learned about each other and about relationships, all of it was amazing," she told Entertainment Tonight. "We realized how much we didn't know, and I feel like the same theme throughout our relationship has been like, the more clear we can be in communication and the more open we are in communication, the better our relationship gets."

"It has shaped our marriage and taken it to a place that I believe it wouldn't be at without counseling," she added. The couple was able to slow down during 2020 after Rhett was sidelined from touring due to the pandemic, and the singer hopes to bring that mentality into the rest of the year when he returns to the road on his Center Point Road Tour.


"You know, 2020 has definitely been hard in many ways, especially for a lot of different families who have either lost work or people that have been on the front lines working in hospitals, or teachers trying to teach 3-year-olds how to learn their letters and their numbers," he told his label. "But for us, I think 2020 has had several silver linings, and for me, I think I was going at such a rapid pace that 2020 definitely forced me to slow down. And so I hope I can take that mindset back into 2021."