'The Voice' Winner Sundance Head Opens up About Life After TV Show

Sundance Head won Season 11 of The Voice in 2016, as part of Blake Shelton's team. But this wasn't Head's first foray into a reality TV talent show. The singer also competed on American Idol in 2007, making it to the semi-finals before he was eliminated.

Head was already having plenty of success in his native Texas after his run on Idol, so when his wife, Misty, suggested he try out for The Voice, Head was initially reluctant.

"The reason that we did The Voice was to try to find a national booking agency. Back in Texas, I was unable to pick one up through my efforts," Head told PopCulture.com. "I had done Idol before and I realized what mistakes I made then so I knew if I did it again, which I didn't want to, Misty talked me into it. The last thing I wanted to do was another TV reality show."

Once Head committed to doing The Voice, however, he was all in, strategically planning how he could best beat out his competitors.

"We decided that we were going to have a plan and it was to sing female songs, put a male vocal to them, and put a new arrangement to them where they sounded new yet super familiar to the viewing audience, the TV," Head explained. "So I ultimately think that's what allowed me to win the show and the first thing I did was I did both female coach's songs that were on the show. I started with 'The Climb' and during battle rounds, I did that acoustically."

Shelton's involvement with Head didn't end after he won. Shelton not only invited Head out on the road with him, but the country music superstar has remained involved in Head's life and career.

"I just spoke with Blake," Head recalled. "He reaches out. I had a lot of support from Blake after the show. He's taken me on the tour. We did the Doing It To Country Songs Tour with him and Raelynn. We keep in touch and he helps out. He just put out a tweet to go buy the record which was released. So I'm really thankful that Blake's in our corner."

The record that earned support from Shelton is Stained Glass and Neon, released in January. The project was produced by veteran tunesmith Dean Dillon, who created his own WildCatter Records to sign Head, and was involved in finding songs for Head.

"I really think it's a masterpiece," Head said of his latest record. "Dean was able to go find some of the best songs in Nashville. For a first time artist, it really never happens but people trust Dean because of his pedigree here in Nashville as a songwriter and a legend. So we were able to go out and find some fantastic writers for our first record in Nashville and I was also able to put two of my own cuts on the album which I was very excited about.

"I think from start to finish, it's a beautiful record," he continued. "There's nothing I don't enjoy about it and it kind of covers a lot of different varieties. At the same time, it's staying true to what I believe country music should be about which is beautiful songs, melodies, and stories. You should be able to listen to a song, and it should take you somewhere or make you feel something. I just don't think that happens a lot anymore and I'm glad that we're able to be able to do it."

Stained Glass and Neon marked a first for Dillon as well, since Dillon had never produced an entire record before.

"I said 'Dean, you want to produce a record? You ever produced one before?'" Head recalled. "He said 'No but I've got a couple of cuts on some guys' and then he told me, he said 'George Strait pretty much cut all of my singles verbatim from the demo that I had done so I think we can do it.'"

Purchase Stained Glass and Neon by visiting Sundance Head's website.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Monica Schipper