Sugarland Announce New Single, 'Still the Same'

After teasing a reunion using the hashtag #stillthesame, appearing together at the 2017 CMA Awards, and announcing an upcoming tour, Sugarland now reveal their new single, "Still the Same" -- their first since "Tonight" was released in 2011 -- will be available on Dec. 21.

"We are thrilled for fans to hear our new music, especially this new single," Jennifer Nettles shares. "The title of the song is so meaningful to us as we want fans to know, we are still the same, we are still the same Sugarland they've known and loved".

"We want to finish where we left off. We always knew we were going to make music again, so this has been the best of both worlds," adds Kristian Bush. "We were able to take time to feed our personal passions, and we're excited to come back together and create music as a band again."

The pair, whose last album, The Incredible Machine, was released in 2010, are working on a new set of tunes, after both releasing solo projects while on hiatus.

"The reality is we never closed the door," Nettles said earlier this week on the Bobby Bones Show. "We never said, 'We're breaking up forever!' We said, 'Guys, we want to go do other things.' So when you don't close a door, you can walk back through it. We've always said the whole time to our fans, 'When and if and as the time is right, we will come back and do this.' So it was really that the stars were aligning, in terms of timing, in terms of what we've been doing, in terms of what we want to do, and what we want to revisit, for the fans and for ourselves."


Sugarland will take the stage on New Year's Eve in New York City to perform at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest, along with Camila Cabello and Nick Jonas. The duo will also perform at C2C Country to Country Dublin in March. More details, as available, will be posted on their website.