Shania Twain Hopes to 'Work out a Way' to Collaborate With Haim

Shania Twain has collaborated with several different artists during her career, and one group on her bucket list is pop trio Haim. Twain recently appeared on the group's Apple Music show Haim Time, inviting them to work with her in the near future after complimenting a cover the sisters had performed of her song "That Don't Impress Me Much."

"In Australia, you guys did this radio show with 'That Don't Impress Me Much' version. I so love that," Twain shared. "I'm inspired by that. I want to tell you, no I'm serious. I want to do that in my show like that. I just start it off like that. I so want to do that. So I'm stealing that." "Steal it, please," Danielle Haim replied. "Take it. Biggest honour ever. Honour of all time." "I'm really inspired by it and I want you guys to join me because I'm doing that version," Twain said. "So we should work out a way." After Este Haim asked, "Are you kidding?," Twain told them, "No, I'm serious."

Twain's legendary career has inspired numerous artists, and Danielle and Este told the Canadian singer that they are included in that group. "I know that you hear this all the time. But honestly, my sisters and I, and also my parents, your music was such a focal point of our musical upbringing," Este said.
To this day, we still put on your records and your songs." Danielle added that she and her sisters are "so inspired" by Twain's music.

"I very much felt like you were a part of such a huge part of pop culture when we were growing up," she said. "I mean, we would watch your videos all the time. When I think about your videos, they're so iconic. The thing that was so inspiring when we were kids is that you were a songwriter first and foremost."


Twain is currently on country radio with her assist on Kelsea Ballerini's "Hole in the Bottle," which the two decided to remix in 2020 after spending some time emailing each other song ideas at the beginning of quarantine. "Early in quarantine, she emailed me and was like, 'Hey, I'm working on a project, I want to do something together,'" Ballerini said on The Bobby Bones Show. After a series of song ideas didn't pan out, she decided to ask Twain to join her on a remix of "Hole in the Bottle" after seeing her finished music for the song, which features nods to some of Twain's iconic outfits. "We've had lots of wine together, Shania and I," she added. "It made sense."