Scotty McCreery Releases 'This is It' Ahead of Wedding to Gabi Dugal

Scotty McCreery just released "This is It," the second single from his recent Seasons Change album. The song, which follows McCreery's No. 1 hit, "Five More Minutes," was written by McCreery, along with Frank Rogers and Aaron Eshuis, inspired by his future bride, Gabi Dugal.

"I've shared so much of my life on my new album, Seasons Change, and so many of the songs were inspired by the love of my life, Gabi," McCreery said in a statement. "It feels like the perfect time to release 'This Is It' as my next single while she and I prepare for our wedding that will happen in just a few weeks. This is our story. I hope everyone will celebrate with us!"

The song, which says, "This is it, this is now, this is what I've been talking about / Looking out, can't you see forever? / Take my hand, just take it in / This is a moment we won't forget / On top of the world, here, together / If there ever was a time for a perfect kiss, this is it," perfectly sums up how McCreery feels about the day he proposed, but he says if Dugal had said no, the song likely would have never seen the light of day.

"Luckily everything went to plan and she did say yes," McCreery joked with "if things would have gone awry I probably would have had to write another song."

Although the former American Idol winner has yet to reveal an exact wedding date, he does hint that it will happen very soon, and he can't wait to officially call Dugal his wife.

"It's a big step. It's a huge step," admitted McCreery. "But I'm excited; they're excited nerves. I'm excited, more than anything, just to come home from the tour and go back home with her. I love my guys, but I think I'm looking forward to seeing her."

More than just the big day, McCreery is looking forward to a lifetime with his future bride.

"I've been planning this moment for so long that it feels surreal for it to have finally happened," McCreery tells Sounds Like Nashville. "Gabi is the perfect girl and my true love, and I cannot wait to begin building our life together as husband and wife."


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Photo Credit: Instagram/scottymccreery