Ryan Hurd Shares New Single 'Every Other Memory'

Ryan Hurd released a new single on Monday, April 20, sharing "Every Other Memory," a free-flowing track that recalls a summer love Hurd can't get out of his mind. The descriptive track fits in perfectly with Hurd's laid-back discography and utilizes his expert imagery to paint a vivid picture of an old romance.

"That sunset barefoot fire on the beach / I can still feel your hands all over me / When the sky lights up, girl it's your shade of blue / 'Cause every other memory, every other memory is you," Hurd sings in the song's chorus. "'Every Other Memory' just feels like such a nostalgic track," the 33-year-old said in a statement. "It's so cool because it feels like each line in the song is almost like an emoji. It's a feeling and it's a picture that you can just really grab onto. The way the words came out, it just felt like each picture was really amazing."

"Every Other Memory" is Hurd's first new music since releasing his EP Platonic last year. The Michigan native wrote the song with Nathan Spicer and Cole Taylor, and fans may recognize another voice singing background vocals — Hurd's wife, Maren Morris, tweeted on Monday that she loved the song so much she wanted to be a part of it. "Sang some harmonies on this one because I loved the demo so much and asked him if I could," she wrote.

Hurd and Morris are currently quarantining at their home in Nashville with their son, Hayes, who was born last month. On April 10, Hurd wished his wife a Happy Birthday on Instagram, writing that he hopes to have a big celebration when quarantine is over. "I realize how stupid I look in this photo, but I can't wait to have a proper party for Maren's birthday," Hurd captioned a photo of himself and Morris backstage at a show, Hurd wearing an open plaid shirt and giving the camera a thumbs-up while Morris walked beside him in a coordinating red top, sipping out of a red cup.


"We were supposed to have it in Vegas and then in Nashville, but as babies and pandemics would have it, we are a party of 3," Hurd continued. "Rest assured, these two party heroes will be back to drink every damn margarita we see when this is all over. She hasn't complained once. She's wise beyond her 30 years, thoughtful and comfortable in her own skin. It has been an amazing few weeks, and I can't wait to give them the celebration she deserves. Drink one for us today!!"