Ryan Hurd Jokes That He Hopes His Son Is 'a Math Major' (Exclusive)

Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris are just weeks away from welcoming their first child, and with two musicians for parents, it's safe to guess their baby boy will be talented, though his dad joked that he isn't sure he wants his son to go into music.

"I hope he's a math major," Hurd quipped to PopCulture.com. "You don't want this heartbreak."

The father-to-be added that he and his wife are in a great space to expand their family and are both excited for the next chapter with their son.

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"We're really blessed to have a baby boy on the way," he said. "And he's due here in a couple months and it finally feels like we're both like, the timing is really good. It feels like we're both personally in a really settled place and it feels like we've got the circus as under control as we can have it. And we've got a really good team around us that has gone above and beyond making sure that our personal life, that there's space to have it. We're just ready."

Hurd shared that he's received some dad advice from friends in the industry, including the men of Lady Antebellum, who recommended onesies with zippers rather than buttons, and radio host Zane Lowe, who he spoke to at a CMA Awards afterparty.

"He said the first year of this kid's life is about really supporting the relationship between the child and its mother, and as a father your time will come," Hurd said of his conversation with Lowe. " But as long as you make sure that that is protected and encouraged, and enhanced, that's what your job is at the beginning."

"We had this really amazing moment," he recalled. "And it stuck with me that was some amazing advice from somebody where I did not expect it to come from. And in a place where I did not expect it to come from. That was a really special thing. And it's something I've carried with me ever since, and something I really am committed to just pursuing."

Hurd revealed that he and Morris do have a name picked out, though they haven't yet shared it.


"I like telling people his name will be Bryan," he joked. "There's Ryan and Bryan. Just to confuse everyone. Ski Boat was another one that I threw out there. But we have a name. It's not a weird name. But we're really excited about, it's coming, it's close. And we're ready."

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