Ryan Griffin Details 'Crazy Journey' Amid Release of New Music Video for 'Salt, Lime & Tequila' (Exclusive)

Country music artist Ryan Griffin's song "Salt, Lime & Tequilla" proves to fans and labels he's an artist to be heard. The fun, summer tune hit No. 3 on the iTunes Country charts and No. 6 in all genres, on top of Sirius XM picking it up and squeezing it into the Top 10 category following his Grand Ole Opry debut. In a PopCulture.com exclusive first look at his summery music video for the party track set to debut worldwide on Aug. 18, the country artist reveals how social media played a crucial part in his evolution as an artist.

During an exclusive interview with PopCulture, Griffin detailed his gratitude toward fans after losing two records deals — one being earlier this year. However, he still gained so much attention following the release of "Salt, Lime & Tequilla," the new single out now. "I don't even know where to begin," Griffin gushed in shock at how well the song did following hardships in the industry. After noting the "crazy journey" he's already been through in navigating his music career in Nashville for 15 years, he credits his wife, Talia Griffin, for helping him push forward.

"Landed my first record deal; that ended up not working out. Landed my second record deal, and then in January, I got the call that that didn't work out," he confessed. "And so I was just kind of in this place of, I told my wife, 'Alright, I've done it, I've gone and chased my dream,' I was like, 'Is it time for me to go get a job and provide security for my family?'" the country singer said before adding how he shares two beautiful children with his wife — Levi, and Jude. "So much credit to my wife because she said, 'No, the story's not over yet.'"

Encouraging him to keep going, that's exactly what he did. Taking "Salt, Lime & Tequila" straight to TikTok, it was an overnight success after fans took to it so quickly, earning him 1.4 million views in less than 24 hours and a massive amount of attention from the industry professionals. "The thing that was crazy is I sat there and read all the comments, and they were all just so positive and encouraging," Griffin noted. "Then I started sharing my story on TikTok. I was like, 'Guys, you have no idea how much this means to me,' and I just told them the whole story about losing two record deals, not knowing what I was going to do. And it just became this really authentic, genuine relationship with the fans on TikTok."


Thanks to that success, he moved forward with filming a music video for the song. The video takes place on a Tennessee lake as Griffin is surrounded by close friends and family, including his wife, who appears in the video. According to the father-of-two, that felt really good to have their support and added more meaning to the success of this song. The "Salt, Lime & Tequila" music video will premiere worldwide on Aug. 18, and while Griffin and his fans gear up for that, he's also anticipating his Stagecoach Festival debut as well in 2022.