Russell Dickerson Reveals He Uses 'Prayer and Meditation' to Stay Healthy

Russell Dickerson is a man on the move! The "Every Little Thing" singer just wrapped up his The Way Back Tour with Carly Pearce, and is now playing a few fairs and festivals, while he gets ready to join his good friend, Thomas Rhett, on Rhett's Very Hot Summer Tour. He's also working on his sophomore album, which means Dickerson, like he has for most of his career, is juggling plenty of plates in the air.

Fortunately, the rising star has found a way to stay healthy, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. While Dickerson is an avid runner, he does more than just jog when he's trying to fit in exercise.

"It first starts with prayer and meditation," Dickerson told Human Fitness Project. "I know it sounds contradictory while you’re running, but prayer is a lot of who I am and what I do. So getting out on these trails, getting out into nature, is such an experience for me, and to just get my mind off all the stressful things and focus on what’s the next steps of business ideas. That leads to business ideas and song ideas and show ideas and all that kind of thing. It’s really a creative process for me."

Dickerson is committed to fitness, but not necessarily one routine. Because he spends so much time away from home, the 31-year-old has learned to adapt to his surroundings.

"My style is all over the place because I never know where I’m gonna be at any given time," Dickerson explained. "If it’s a hotel gym or we have adjustable free weights out on the road or are we gonna find the nearest Planet Fitness or whatever? There’s always a Planet Fitness somewhere."

Dickerson also tries to eat healthy, but acknowledges that everyone, including himself, needs to cheat every once in a while.

"Balance," stated Dickerson. "I think every human being needs balance. You try these super-strict plans, but I’m more of a low-carb guy myself. I enjoy that lifestyle. I feel better being very low-carb. I tried the keto thing and it’s cool, [but] I don’t know, I feel like keto isn’t for active people, though ... You have to have carbs and protein."

Dickerson's wife, Kailey, likely adheres to the same healthy lifestyle as her husband, since they travel everywhere together. While road life can present its own sense of challenges, the couple has learned how to weather any storm, at home or on the road.


"It's just all about humility," Dickerson told All Access. "One of my favorite quotes, when it comes to an argument, is, 'Do you want to be one, or do you want to be the one that won?' We would rather be one than have a right or wrong, or make anyone feel lesser than the other. It's a lot about laying down your pride and apologizing."

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Paras Griffin