Russell Dickerson Reveals Secret to Successful Marriage With Wife, Kailey

Russell Dickerson has been married to his wife, Kailey, for more than five years, and credits her for much of the success he has had in country music. The couple travel together everywhere, with Kailey directing some of his video shoots, and post plenty of romantic pictures of the two of them together all over social media.

Still, the singer-songwriter admits marriage isn't always easy, but he has found a way to make their relationship strong.

"It's just all about humility," Dickerson told All Access. "One of my favorite quotes, when it comes to an argument, is, 'Do you want to be one, or do you want to be the one that won?' We would rather be one than have a right or wrong, or make anyone feel lesser than the other. It's a lot about laying down your pride and apologizing."

It was Kailey who helped Dickerson get his career off the ground, driving the van and selling his merch long before many people knew him or his music. So as they wrapped up the end of a very successful 2018, with two No. 1 singles with both "Yours" and "Blue Tacoma," and a headlining tour about to kick off, Dickerson was in awe about how far he had come.

"You go so hard at the beginning," Dickerson recalled. "It's like you're all out, 100 miles an hour. That's been the last two years for me. So, literally, after our last show [of 2018] on December 13th, I got up at like four in the morning to fly home, and sitting in the airport it just hit me. I was posting on Instagram, 'We're done, thank you so much for such a great year,' and I just got flooded with emotion, and I was sitting at our gate just crying into my hoodie.

"My wife was sitting right next to me," he added, "and I was just overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, and relieved for being done for the year, and what a crazy year it's been!"

"Every Little Thing," Dickerson's third, and possibly final, single from his debut Yours album is steadily climbing the charts. As his previous two hits, the song was once again inspired by his love for Kailey.

"The next one's about my wife," Dickerson told "That's kind of the whole theme of the whole album, called Yours. 'Every Little Thing' is the next single. Same thing. It's just like, I love every little thing about her, and that's what the song's about. Because when I wrote the album, we were newlyweds."


Dickerson will join his good friend, Carly Pearce, in co-headlining their The Way Back Tour, which kicks off on Jan. 24 in Cleveland, Ohio. Find dates at

Photo Credit: Getty images/Michael Loccisano/ACMA2018