Russell Dickerson Earns Second No. 1 Single With 'Blue Tacoma'

Russell Dickerson is celebrating another No. 1 single, this time with 'Blue Tacoma.' The song, [...]

Russell Dickerson is celebrating another No. 1 single, this time with "Blue Tacoma." The song, from his freshman Yours album, follows the record's title track in becoming his second chart-topping hit.

"It's one of those things you dream about as an artist for so long," Russell told ABC News Radio. "And it literally does change your life, because all of a sudden, it kind of raises people's eyebrows in the industry."

For Dickerson, the success of his own songs proves that he has earned his spot in country music.

"Whether it's [a] festival or any awards show or anything like that, it's just like, 'All right, this guy's on the map and, you know, he's making some moves,'" he explained. "So that's kind of the coolest part about all of that is, like, everything I've been working towards so long is now kind of validated by the music industry."

"Blue Tacoma," like "Yours," was inspired by Dickerson's wife, Kailey, who also stars in the video.

"'Blue Tacoma' started out more as a hypothetical," Dickerson told The Boot. "We thought we were writing a song that was going to be, like, 'Wouldn't it be cool if we took a road trip?' It was a good song, but it wasn't great. But then, my wife and I got to live out in California for a while, and drive up and down the Pacific Coast Highway. That view is just breathtaking."

"We came back to the co-writers, who were the same guys who'd co-written my previous single, 'Yours,' and told them that we had to re-write the song. It was good, but we had to make it better. So we went back and put in all these real-life elements that my wife and I got to experience while we were on that trip. Once we did that, and plugged in those little details that were true to life, it just clicked for the whole team. It was magic, and it's been amazing to see it click for fans as well," he added.

The Tennessee native just wrapped serving as the opening act on the co-headlining Summer Plays On Tour with Darius Rucker and Lady Antebellum. With both Rucker and Lady A singer Charles Kelley avid golfers, Dickerson hoped some of their skills would rub off on him, but he wasn't quite so fortunate.

"Horrible! Terrible!" Dickerson said of his golf abilities. "I mean I'm not really, like, really, really bad. I'm like okay ... I can hang, but I will lose probably ten balls at least on the first nine, guaranteed."

Dickerson will join Rucker later this fall to serve as his opening act on Rucker's European tour. Find dates at

Photo Credit: Getty images/Paras Griffin