Rising Star Levi Hummon Puts an Important Message in His Music

Country singer-songwriter Levi Hummon grew up around the Nashville music scene, as his father, Marcus Hummon, is a songwriter who has written tracks recorded by artists including Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts and the Dixie Chicks. Still, Hummon wasn't always sure he wanted to get into writing himself, but he eventually realized it was the path for him.

"It really took just a broken heart and a guitar before I really started playing music and doing it professionally," Hummon told CMT.

The singer released a self-titled EP in 2016, penning four of the five songs listed, as well as two singles in 2017, "Don't Waste the Night" and "Stupid."

"As a singer-songwriter, it's important for me to write songs, because it's the best way I can tell my story," he told Rolling Stone. "But I also want to have the best songs."

In addition to music, Hummon is also passionate about volunteer work, previously spending summers on aid missions to Rwanda, Uganda and Egypt with his family, People shares.

"Making music and being famous are not the only things that matter in this world," Hummon said. "A smile on the face of child whose country was falling apart 20 years ago puts it in perspective."

Hummon's mother, Becca Stevens, has also heavily influenced his outlook on the world. Twenty years ago, Stevens founded Thistle Farms, a bath and body care company whose aim is to heal and employ women victims of trafficking, prostitution and addiction.

"It's had such a massive impact on me as an artist," Hummon told CMT of his mother's work. "Mainly because I've watched love change people's lives, and the idea that you can love somebody and care about somebody and it can heal them."


"It's actually kind of daunting to try to write the idea of Thistle Farms into songs," he added, "but it's easy to carry it out in everyday life."

Photo Credit: Twitter / @levihummon