Carly Pearce Diagnosed With Concerning Heart Condition, Asks Fans for 'a Little Bit of Grace'

Pearce was diagnosed with Pericarditis, a heart condition that 'often causes sharp chest pain.'

Carly Pearce just shared a career-altering "health update," and asked her fans for "grace" as she navigates this unprecedented moment in her life. Last week, Pearce shared a video on Instagram, wherein she revealed that she was diagnosed with a heart condition known as Pericarditis.

"You guys know that I've been dealing with some health issues and through that, I have developed something called Pericarditis which is a heart issue," the singer said in the social media clip. "And I've been working with doctors and talking to my cardiologist and I still want to be out on the road, it's really important to me, but we have all decided that it is in my best interest -- as I'm healing -- to alter my shows a little bit."

According to the Mayo Clinic, "Pericarditis is swelling and irritation of the thin, saclike tissue surrounding the heart. This tissue is called the pericardium. Pericarditis often causes sharp chest pain. The chest pain occurs when the irritated layers of the pericardium rub against each other."

"Pericarditis often is mild," the Mayo Clinic adds. "It may go away without treatment."

Going on to explain what fans can expect of her concerts at this point, Pearce said, "So if my shows look a little bit different, just know it's because I have to keep my heart rate under control right now and that doesn't mean that I'm not going to be completely fine. It just means that right now I got to take this seriously."

"So, if you're coming to the shows, if you are gonna be a part of any of the amazing things we have going on with Hummingbird it's all gonna be great, it just might look a little different," she continued, mentioning her upcoming new album. "So, I'm asking for a little bit of grace and truly more importantly if any of you are dealing with any kind of health stuff or aren't."

Finally, Pearce concluded her message, "I'm a young, healthy person that really watches what I eat and exercises and this happened to me. I just want to use my platform to tell you to take care of your body and listen to it. And just know if it's trying to tell you something, it's going to tell you. So I love you guys and I'll see you soon."

Pearce is currently on the Standing Room Only tour with Tim McGraw and has a number of music festival shows on the schedule throughout the summer. She's also set to head overseas for a run of shows in 2025.