Rascal Flatts Reveal What Drew Them to 'Back to Life'

Rascal Flatts are opening up about their new single, 'Back to Life.' The song, which they [...]

Rascal Flatts are opening up about their new single, "Back to Life." The song, which they previously said will likely not make it onto an album, is still one that they knew from the first time they heard it that it was meant for them.

"When we first heard 'Back to Life,' we loved the melody so much," lead singer Gary LeVox said. "The melody was so different. And we've had great success with waltzes in the past, too, but this song, the melody was so great. Shay Mooney's one of the writers on it who did the demo. And somebody that tries to sound just like you really helps when you've got a demo … I'm just kidding.

"But the lyric was great and the melody was incredible, and it was just one of those things that after listening and after we cut it, it just even got more life to it," he continued. "We just thought it'd be a great, great single for this time of the year."

"Back to Life," which says, in part, "She puts that beat in my chest / Pounds like a drum, shakes me like thunder / Taking my hand, pulling me up when I'm going under / My dreams come alive when I wake up and look in her eyes / She brings me back to life, oh yes she does / And I don't wanna think about where I would be without her," reminded LeVox and fellow band members Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney of the women in their own lives.

"That's how we look at our wives, as just being the anchors, and our moms," LeVox told Billboard. "They're the ones that keep us from going under half the time."

The trio recently revealed they might be done making entire records, opting instead for releasing singles.

"We're kind of at a place now where we're fighting our old catalog, and there's a lot of music out there that's Rascal Flatts already," Rooney conceded. "[Singles only] might be the new paradigm for Flatts for some time in the future. I don't know how far that will be, but for now that's kind of how we're thinking."

"It seems like the new business model," added DeMarcus. "So we're picking some songs that we love, cutting them and, like Joe Don just said, putting them out as we go, trying to still give our fans a lot of content."

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Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond