Rascal Flatts Recruits Rachel Wammack for New Song 'Quick, Fast, in a Hurry'

Rascal Flatts gave fans a taste of more new music on Friday when the band released "Quick, Fast, in a Hurry," which features rising country artist Rachel Wammack. Written by Kelly Archer, AJ Babcock, Pete Good and Brandon Ratcliff, "Quick, Fast in a Hurry" is a story of two former lovers reuniting for one more night together.

"As soon as we heard this song, we knew we had to cut it," band member Jay DeMarcus said in a statement. "The chorus is so hooky and we instantly fell in love with it. And I just love how Gary and Rachel's voices sound together on it. We're excited for people to hear this one." Speaking to media last month, DeMarcus shared that the group chose Wammack to feature on the song because they knew her vocals could match up with lead singer Gary LeVox, which is not an easy feat.

"We did a couple of shows with her last summer and she just sings her butt off and she's an amazing vocalist, and when you get Gary in the studio, finding somebody that can hang with him vocally is a really tough thing to do," he said. "So, we were just talking about different people that we liked and different people that were coming up that we had noticed that were great singers and great artists in their own right, and came up with the idea to invite Rachel to be with us, and she just came in the studio and absolutely killed it. It was amazing."

"Quick, Fast, in a Hurry" is from Rascal Flatts' upcoming EP How They Remember You, which will be released on July 31. The band has already shared the EP's title track, and the project includes five other songs. "There was no method to the madness of picking these songs," DeMarcus said. "These songs were leftovers that we had cut for different album projects that were laying around in the can that we had already recorded pieces and parts to, and we went back in and sort of picked these songs that we wanted to finish."

See the EP's full tracklist below.


1. "How They Remember You" | Marc Beeson, Josh Osborne, Allen Shamblin
2. "Feel It In The Morning" | Zach Beeken, Jared Keim, Jenn Schott, Will Weatherly
3. "Quick, Fast, In A Hurry" (featuring Rachel Wammack)| Kelly Archer, AJ Babcock, Pete Good, Brandon Ratcliff
4. "Looking Back" | Rhett Akins, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, Thomas Rhett
5. "Warmer" | Fancy Hagood, David Hodges, Brett McLaughlin
6. "Sip Away" | Zach Beeken, Jacob Durrett, Jared Keim, Garrett Nichols, Jason Sellers
7. "Through The Years" | Steve Dorff, Marty Panzer