Listen to Rascal Flatts' New Single, 'Back to Life'

Rascal Flatts have just released their brand-new single, "Back to Life." The song was written by Cary Barlowe, Niko Moon, Shay Mooney and Fred Wilhelm.

"The first moment we heard this song, we knew it was meant for us," Gary LeVox said in a statement. "There are so many little things that add up to making someone so uniquely special to you, and this song captures that love and conveys all the good feelings that come along with it. We're at an exciting point in our careers, and we're fortunate to be able to just focus on making and releasing music that speaks to us and hopefully resonates with the fans."

Rascal Flatts, which also includes Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney, revealed on social media that new music was coming out, in a Facebook post along with a few lines of "Back to Life."

The song, which says, "She puts that beat in my chest / Pounds like a drum, shakes me like thunder / Taking my hand, pulling me up when I'm going under / My dreams come alive when I wake up and look in her eyes / She brings me back to life, oh yes she does / And I don't wanna think about where I would be without her," made the band members, including DeMarcus and Rooney, think about the people closest to them.

"That's how we look at our wives, as just being the anchors, and our moms," LeVox tells Billboard. "They're the ones that keep us from going under half the time."

"It's a pretty empowering song for women to let them know how much power they really have when it comes to being a support system for their husbands," Jay DeMarcus adds, "and how much life they can bring to us whenever we're going through dark times.

"Back to Us" is not on Rascal Flatts' latest Back to Us album, and the guys reveal that the song might not actually ever be on a project.

"I don't know about a full album," Rooney said. "We're kind of going single-by-song."

"It seems like the new business model [now]," DeMarcus added. "So we're picking some songs that we love, cutting them and, like Joe Don just said, putting them out as we go, trying to still give our fans a lot of content."

Download "Back to Life" on iTunes.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Bob Levey