RaeLynn Has a Surprising Solution For Baby Fever

It seems RaeLynn is feeling a bit of baby fever thanks to a newborn in her family. The singer's cousin Shelly recently welcomed a daughter, and the adorable infant has definitely stolen RaeLynn's heart.

As for when she and husband Josh will have a little one of their own, the singer told Rare Country that it will be "a while."

"I can't do that when Josh is gone," she explained of her husband, who is currently in training for the Army.

NovaLynn Rae Roberts meets her aunt Rae. Our first of many dance parties.

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RaeLynn added that her touring schedule makes things difficult as well.

"It's so hard, and being on the road and stuff," she said. "Anytime I get baby fever, I just get a new puppy."

Right now, RaeLynn has two dogs but said she's thinking about getting a third to help keep her company.

The 23-year-old has been sharing plenty of snaps of little NovaLynn Rae, who is named after her famous relative.

"When she told me she was naming her after me, I was like, 'Are you kidding me?'" RaeLynn recalled. "That baby is going to be so spoiled. So, that's my little namesake. Isn't she precious? She gave me ultra baby fever, so I gotta calm it down."

She added that she considers the infant her niece because she's so close to Shelly.

"We look exactly alike," RaeLynn explained of her cousin. "She's more like my sister. So, all of her kids I call my nieces and nephews."


It seems the singer is successfully staving off her baby fever for now, as she's currently in the studio working on new music, according to her latest Instagram.

Here we go again. 👑 #newmusic

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Photo Credit: Instagram / @raelynnofficial