RaeLynn Shares Best Thing About Being an Army Wife

It's not easy being an Army wife – just ask RaeLynn. The singer is married to Joshua Davis, who is currently enlisted in the Armed Forces, and while it is challenging, there is a silver lining.

"The thing I love most about being an Army wife is I get to be a part of an incredible community with other women that are going through the same exact thing that I'm going through," RaeLynn shares. "The most challenging thing about being an Army wife is for sure the not getting to see each other, because there's so many things that happen in life that your spouse should be there for."

The couple has found a way to keep their romance alive while apart – by communicating often, even when they can't physically be together.

"One of the sweetest moments of our marriage was when he was gone for fourteen weeks," RaeLynn says (quote via Billboard). "He wrote me a letter every single day he was gone. Every day. Even if he couldn't send it to me, he wrote one every day. It would make me cry because some of the pages that he would send me were literally three lines, and there was water … It was a crappy piece of paper, and that he was 'in the field' that day."

"The ones that got me were the little tiny ones," she continues. "You knew that he didn't have time, but he still thought of me. That got me."

The Texas native's latest single, "Queens Don't," is from an upcoming new album, and has a message that RaeLynn says is important for all female artists.

"I love the song 'Queens Don't' so much, because it's a love letter to anybody," RaeLynn tells PopCulture.com. "I think a true person who has a heart of royalty is someone who cares about people and wants to see the best in people. I love the song so much, and all my ladies love it, and that means so much to me, especially with all the female empowerment right now. It's awesome."

The video for "Queens Don't" shows a side of RaeLynn that most people don't think of – as a businesswoman and not an artist.

"I wanted to do more of a video that shows me being involved in every aspect of my career, because I am," RaeLynn explains. "Even though I'm a very fun-loving person, and I love to crack jokes and stuff, I'm very business-minded with the way I want things to look, and the way I want to sound, everything that happens with my business and my music, so that's why I wanted the video to show both sides of it."

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Photo Credit: Instagram/raelynnofficial