Pink Releases New Song, 'Love Me Anyway' With Chris Stapleton

Pink just released a brand-new song, "Love Me Anyway," featuring country music's own Chris Stapleton! The song was written by Pink along with hit country music songwriters Allen Shamblin and Tom Douglas.

Stapleton definitely shows off his tender side in the emotional ballad, but this isn't Stapleton's first foray into the pop world. The singer is good friends with pop icon Justin Timberlake, and the two sang together on "Say Something," which was on Timberlake's latest Man of the Woods album. Pink also previously dabbled in the country world, taking part in a duet with Kenny Chesney on "Setting the World on Fire" in 2016, from Chesney's Cosmic Hallelujah album.

Pink recently opened up about her marriage to professional motocross racer Carey Hart, revealing the couple has spent most of their marriage in counseling.

"Carey and I have been in couple's counseling almost our entire 17 years we've been together," Pink confessed to Carson Daly on TODAY. "It's the only reason we're still together."

"He speaks Polish, I speak Italian and she [our therapist] speaks both. We do not speak the same language," she continued. "We come from broken families and we had no model of how are we supposed to keep this family together and live this crazy life? And there's no model. There's no book that says, 'Here's how to do this.' So we go to counseling and it works."

Pink and Hart separated in 2008, before later reconciling and having two children, Willow and Jameson. Pink vows to keep talking about counseling and mental health issues, both for her generation and her children's.

"I think I'm hopeful that the taboo of it is going away because more and more people are talking about it," she said. "I think talking about it is the most important thing."

"I know anxiety is like the number one thing that kids now are going through," the 39-year-old continued. "Like for us, for my generation, I feel like it was depression and suicide. And suicide is super prevalent still, but now it's like it comes from a place of anxiety. And I get that. I fully understand that and I've been depressed, I have anxiety. I over-think everything. But what I do is I keep the right people around me, and I go to therapy."


"Love Me Anyway" is from Pink's just-released Hurts 2B Human album. Download the song on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Kurt Iswarienko