Morgan Wallen Reflects on 'Super Blessing' of Having Jason Aldean Record 'You Make It Easy'

Morgan Wallen is an artist himself, with his own If I Know Me album coming out on April 27. But [...]

Morgan Wallen is an artist himself, with his own If I Know Me album coming out on April 27. But the 24-year-old is also a songwriter, co-writing Jason Aldean's current hit, "You Make It Easy."

"It's a super big blessing," Wallen tells of the success of the song. "I wrote it actually with the guys from Florida Georgia Line and a guy named Jordan Schmidt. And Tyler [Hubbard] was actually, we were getting our bearings together. We were writing out on the road, and we were just talking a little bit. Tyler was talking about how that morning he said he told Hayley, his wife, that our line of work, what we do, is not necessarily the easiest for a relationship, but he told her that she made it easy.

"So I was like, 'All right we'll just write that then,'" continues Wallen. "So it was just kind of a pretty natural process, and it was fun to write. I kind of wanted to sing it myself but Jason Aldean got his hands on it first, so very glad for that."

Wallen is close with both FGL's Hubbard and Brian Kelley, with the duo lending their vocals on Wallen's current single, "Up Down." But instead of trying to feature the superstars, for Wallen, it was just collaborating with his good friends.

"I moved to Nashville in 2015 and pretty quickly got involved with a lot of the same people that they are involved with," Wallen shares. "So we kind of hit it off and started writing songs together, and hanging out, and doing that whole thing. I played some shows with them last summer. They've kind of just treated me like a little brother from the beginning, so I love those guys for sure."

"Up Down" is the debut single from If I Know Me, which Wallen says shows his path since moving from his small town of Sneedville, Tenn.(pop: 1300), to Music City.

"It feels like a journey," Wallen says. "It feels like a long time coming. A couple of the songs are songs that I wrote when I first got to town, with a completely different perspective than I have now. A couple of the songs are songs that we just turned in the day before the album was due. So it's a true journey, and I'm real excited and a little bit nervous too."

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Photo Credit: Instagram/morgancwallen