Morgan Evans Says Touring With Rascal Flatts Is 'Awesome'

Morgan Evans is currently on the road working the summer festival circuit, and he's also [...]

Morgan Evans is currently on the road working the summer festival circuit, and he's also supporting Rascal Flatts on select dates the group's 2019 Summer Playlist Tour, which is currently traversing the country along with opening acts Lee Brice, Billy Currington, Jordan Davis, Jimmie Allen and LoCash.

"It's awesome," Evans told of touring with the group. "This is my first big American summer tour, go to play all the amphitheaters with 20,000 people each night."

"I feel like those guys have been doing it at such a high level for so long," he added. "It's cool for me to be out there and see the way that they're doing it. They're such great dudes and they have so many hit songs to sing along to each night, too, so that helps."

Evans recently notched his first number one single, "Kiss Somebody," and his second single, "Day Drunk," is making its way up the charts. The Australian singer explained that the success of his songs allows fans to connect him to his music.

"People ask, 'What does it mean to have a number one song?'" he mused. "And it means that you go to these places that maybe you haven't even been before and people have heard these songs. And often if you have one song out, they're putting it together like, 'Oh, that's the guy that sings that song. That's the 'Day Drunk' guy or whatever. That's the 'Kiss Somebody' guy."

"It's cool to see a mixture of people that have seen us play before and also meet a whole bunch of these new fans that came to see Rascal Flatts or Lee Brice or whoever else is playing that night," he continued. "We get to sort of introduce ourselves and share some music."

"Day Drunk" is currently sitting at No. 25 on the Mediabase chart, and Evans shared that the song has become one that the crowd is excited to hear when he plays a show.

"I remember this with 'Kiss Somebody,' where it goes from being like, 'Hey, this is my new single,' to 'Oh, this is the song that you guys have been waiting for," he said. "And as a songwriter and, obviously, the guy singing the song, that's a pretty special moment, where it starts to take on its own life for other people."

"It probably kinda makes sense that we're in the middle of the American summer right now and people are singing about getting day drunk," he added. "I'm happy to be that guy."

Photo Credit: Getty / Michael Hickey