Miranda Lambert Speaks out About Sudden Success of 'It All Comes Out in the Wash'

Miranda Lambert is speaking out about the sudden success of "It All Comes Out in the Wash." The song, from Lambert's still-untitled upcoming new album, became the most-added song at country radio after its debut last week, with 112 stations playing the feisty single.

Lambert posted a photo on social media, of a hand-written note beside, appropriately, a Tide stick, that said, "112 adds!! Thank you country radio!"

The Texas native also commented on her success, which marks a new career achievement.

"112 adds," Lambert wrote. "That's 112 stations across the country that started playing #ItAllComesOutInTheWash in its first week. The most of my career. Thanks for putting that sucker on spin, country radio and @sxmthehighway. #girlsontheradio"

"It All Comes Out in the Wash" was written by Lambert and the Love Junkies – a trio of female writers that includes Liz Rose, Lori McKenna and Hillary Lindsey. The song was inspired by conversations the women actually had, including the line that says, "Had a fancy dinner at your mother-in-law's / Spilled A1 Sauce on her table cloth, don't sweat it / Tide stick will get it," which quickly became the singer's favorite part of the song.

"I kind of love 'The Tide stick will get it,'" Lambert told Billboard. "That's one of my favorites. I remember we were writing the song and just having fun writing it. Really, we were just talking about scenarios that had either happened to us as a group or someone we know, and the Tide stick came up and we all cracked up.

"The funny part is, I remember being at Target the next week and finding a whole bin of Tide sticks," she added. "I was like, 'Yup, gonna have to need one of those."

Lambert, who also dropped the rocking "Locomotive" the same day she released "It All Comes Out in the Wash," promises her next album will be released this year, although she has yet to reveal an exact date.


"I don't think I can wait any longer than this year," Lambert said. "I think the record should be out by the fall. That would be my ideal situation. I haven't been given the go-ahead to say that or that it will happen for sure, but I'm putting it out there in the air so that it does."

Photo Credit: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com