Miranda Lambert on Little Red Wagon Campaign: 'It's Mixing Passions on the Road With Me'

When Miranda Lambert kicks off her Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour on Sept. 13, she is looking forward to more than just performing in front of her fans. The Texas native is also eager to help animals in local shelters all over the country, which she will do with her Little Red Wagon campaign.

"The Little Red Wagon campaign is awesome," Lambert said in a video shared on social media. "It's mixing passions on the road with me, so it's music and mutts, which is kind of my whole life. We have a campaign that we do where you bring food, toys blankets – anything that can help a local shelter."

"They come to a show, they set up a wagon, and people will have a chance to meet me at a meet and greet. It's really cool, because I think it raises awareness for people in the towns we're playing, to know about their local shelter and how they can help."

Lambert is partnering with Tractor Supply this year to make the Little Red Wagon campaign bigger than ever.

"Fill the Little Red Wagon is back for the [Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars ]Tour!" Lambert captioned the video. "Y'all are awesome for bringing supplies to the show to help your local shelters. Let's make this the best one yet! #LoveAShelterPet"

The "It All Comes Out in the Wash" singer previously opened up about her Little Red Wagon campaign, which is done as part of her MuttNation Foundation.

"We have our hand in everything," Lambert told PopCulture.com. "The Fill the Red Wagon is at the shows in the markets that I play in. People bring supplies for shelters, donations of any kind, dog food, blankets, toys. And it's really cool because it benefits the local shelter in that town and I get to meet the shelter people. People are always like, 'How can I help if I can't donate?' Basically it's getting involved in your local shelters in your own community.

"Volunteering your time is priceless, really," she continued. "Giving the dogs human contact time really increases their chances of adoption."


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Photo Credit: Courtesy of TRUE PR/Jamie Wright