Mike Fisher Calls Carrie Underwood a 'Great Mother' in New Mother's Day Photo

Sunday marked Carrie Underwood's first Mother's Day as a mom of two, with the singer and husband Mike Fisher having welcomed son Jacob in January. The infant joins big brother Isaiah, 4, making the family four strong, something Fisher highlighted in his Mother's Day tribute to his wife.

In a sweet public appreciation post, Fisher shared a photo of Underwood backstage on the Cry Pretty Tour 360, with the singer sitting in a chair and feeding Jacob as a stylist worked on her hair.

"Happy mother’s day to all the moms out there and to this great mother!!" Fisher wrote. "She does it all like my mom. Grateful for them both!! The boys and I are Blessed!"

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(Photo: Instagram / @mfisher1212)

On Underwood's Instagram page, the star shared a tribute to her own mom, Carole, posting a selfie of the pair outside.

"Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet mama and to all the mamas out there!" the caption read. "I watched my own mother juggle it all...being a mom, wife, teacher, role model... Moms are amazing and I’m thanking God for mine this morning!"

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(Photo: Instagram / @carrieunderwood)

Underwood recently shared a mom moment of her own when she posted a rare snap of baby Jacob, showing off her son's tiny feet resting on her jean-clad thigh and writing, "Want. To. Eat. These. Toes."

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(Photo: Instagram / @carrieunderwood)

The Oklahoma native is currently traveling the country on tour with her kids in tow, admitting to Natalie Morales on Today that she's "tired" but happy to have the boys with her.

"But I mean, how many people get to take their children to work with them?" she said before praising other working moms and pointing out that “Everything that we all do is just as difficult but in different ways.”

The star added to ABC News that things are a bit different touring with a newborn than her last tour in 2016, when Isaiah was a bit older than his brother is now.


"[Isaiah] was 11 months old when we started the last tour," Underwood recalled. "So it was very much like: do a little makeup, make him dinner, come back and do my hair, then get him ready for bed. So it was worlds colliding, but it was great. I'm so lucky I get to take my kids to work with me and not everybody gets to do that."

Photo Credit: Getty / John Shearer