Mickey Guyton Delivers Hopeful Update on 9-Month-Old Son Grayson After ICU Visit

Mickey Guyton delivered some excellent news for fans after her son's health scare earlier in the month. A heartbreaking tweet sharing that 9-month-old Grayson had been moved to the ICU for what she thought was a mystery illness. According to Guyton, it turns out that dehydration and a severe stomach bug were the culprits, and he is doing much better.

"Seeing my baby boy like this was truly terrifying. A pediatric doctor named Dr. Grace, stayed by Grayson's side the entire time we were in [there], discovered the problem and help create a plan to heal baby Grayson," Guyton wrote on Saturday. "Our family doctor, Dr. Nathan Ford also took action and helped Grayson secure a bed at the hospital when all the hospital's were maxed out and understaffed because of nurse shortages."

The country star credits the hospital staff's urgency and proper treatment for turning Grayson's status around in swift time. Still, he is still fighting to get fully healthy.

"Grayson would not be on the road to a full recovery without them," she wrote on Instagram. "Grayson is doing much better, all signs are stable and improving...He is still dehydrated and weak and has lost weight from not being able to retain any liquid."

This is all a step in the right direction for the young boy, with his first birthday right around the corner. Her feelings over the situation were quite clear in her initial tweet on the treatment. "I normally don't do this but my son is being sent to the ICU. The doctors don't know what's wrong. Please please pray," Guyton wrote.

The country star did credit fans with their positivity having an effect on the situation and her son's condition. She wrote that Grayson "felt every single prayer lifted up over him" and soon after Grayson "was stabilized and released from the ICU within a matter of hours."

Guyton's star has been rising since her breakthrough in 2015 with "Better Than You Left Me." and her song "Black Like Me" became a cultural theme at the heigh of the George Floyd protests and the Black Lives Matter movement.


"It's a really weird feeling," she told Huffpost. "You try so hard at something and then you finally come to grips with the fact that it's probably not going to happen for you, then it does. It happens at a time where there is so much pain," Guyton said. "I didn't write this song for this moment. I wrote this song before this moment, for Black people in country music and for Black people in America in general. This is out of my own frustration."