Flo Rida's 6-Year-Old Son in ICU After Falling From Fifth-Story Window

Rapper Flo Rida's son, 6-year-old Zohar Dillard, is still in an intensive care unit at a New Jersey hospital after falling from his mother's Jersey City apartment window earlier this month. His mother, Alexis Adams, filed a lawsuit against building management, accusing them of negligence. Zohar is autistic and was diagnosed with a brain condition.

Adams claims the building management was negligent because there were no size guards on the windows, according to the lawsuit, causing Zohar to fall onto the pavement. He suffered a shattered pelvis, left metatarsal fractures, a Grade 3 liver laceration, internal bleeding, and collapsed lungs. Zohar is still in an ICU as of Wednesday, Adams' lawyer, Steven P. Haddad, told Daily Voice.

The defendants in the lawsuit include Pitch Perfect 74, LLC; Goldberg Management; Carlos Machado; the construction company; the window installation company; and more. Adams filed the lawsuit on Monday in Hudson County Superior Court. She is seeking compensation to pay for her son's injuries. Goldberg Management has not commented.

"As a single mom to a special needs child, this feels like a nightmare," Adams said in a statement. "My heart is broken into a million pieces. It is devastating to see my child go through such pain and trauma knowing that this could've been avoided."

Flo Rida, born Tamar Lacel Dillard, is best known for his breakout hit "Low" and has a Grammy nomination for his album R.O.O.T.S. He has not commented on his son's accident and is not involved in the lawsuit. In January, he made headlines for winning $82.6 million in a lawsuit against the energy drink company Celsius. A Broward County, Florida jury awarded the rapper the sum after he accused the company of violating an endorsement deal he signed in the mid-2010s.

"Basically, I helped birth this company, and all we was looking for was some trustworthy people who acted as if they were family," Flo Rida, who served as the company's brand ambassador between 2014 and 2018, told the Associated Press. "And then when it comes down to the success of today, they just forgot about me." Celsius disagreed, arguing that they found success after their deal with Flo Rida ended. The company plans to appeal the decision.