Carrie Underwood Sent Mickey Guyton's Son a Musical Gift

Mickey Guyton's 5-month-old son, Grayson, is clearly musical like his mom, judging by his reaction to a recent gift he received from Carrie Underwood. On Friday, July 23, Guyton used her social media accounts to share a video of her son happily playing a toy piano, which was gifted to him by the Grammy winner.

"I was having a rough day when this showed up in my mailbox," Guyton's caption read. "Then I opened it up to see that [Carrie Underwood] got my baby a piano! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. To watch him light up as he plays is the heart explosion I didn't know I needed." Underwood responded on Twitter, writing, "Oh, I'm so glad he likes it! Figured it was a good bet that he's musical. What a cutie!" Guyton replied, "He loves it so much!"

Guyton and her husband Grant Savoy welcomed Grayson in February. Guyton has since shared a number of photos and videos of her son with her fans, though she recently took one troll to task after they criticized Grayson's appearance, calling him "the ugliest child I've ever seen."

"This deserves front and center attention," Guyton captioned the hateful message. "crystal502021 came for my child. Shame on you." On Twitter, she posted the same message and added, "Don't be like Crystal." The "Black Like Me" singer also shared a link to an article discussing the message and wrote, "Enough is enough. Say what you want about me but don't come for my 4-month-old innocent child. I am beyond tired."

After receiving a number of positive messages from her friends and fans, Guyton used Twitter to share a photo of Grayson and a message of thanks to those who stood up for her. "The world is cruel but there is light at the end of the tunnel," she wrote. "God is my light. Gray is my life and I will always defend him at all costs. I love y'all. Thank you for your support. It is greatly appreciated."


In September, the 38-year-old will release her debut album, Remember Her Name, which she called "culmination of the last ten years of my life in Nashville." "This album is the closing of a chapter," she added in a statement. "All those years ago, I set out to create music that would make people feel self-empowered, loved, and comfortable with being themselves and this album holds true to all of that. I hope everyone who listens finds something that connects and speaks to them."