Maren Morris Says She's 'Learned to Scare' Herself Onstage

Maren Morris is gearing up for a busy 2018, with the country star working on new music and continuing to perfect her craft as she hits the road with singer Niall Horan.

Morris recently spoke to Taste of Country about how she's grown as a performer, explaining that she's learned to "scare" herself onstage to keep her show varied.

"Especially when you just have one album out like I do," the star explained. "You really have to figure out how to change those songs up until some new music comes out. So I've learned how to really scare myself, which keeps me engaged."

The 27-year-old has toured with stars like Keith Urban and Sam Hunt, and her time on the road has taught her invaluable lessons when it comes to performing.

"That was very scary," she said of touring with Urban on his Ripcord World Tour. "It was my first big tour and I had to learn how to be onstage and shoot energy into the back of the room, which I had never done before."

Morris released her first major-label album, Hero, in 2016, and the 27-year-old shared that she's taken her touring experience into account while working on her follow-up, which she's begun writing and recording.

"Everything shapes your album," she said. "Every conversation, every tour. I know after touring with Keith (Urban) and Sam (Hunt) I think playing live things change in your mind as a writer because you're like ,'OK this works live, this really works live. This doesn't as much as I thought it would ... So that stuff really gets into your brain and it's filed in back."


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