Maren Morris Reveals Painful Reason She Was Previously Unhealthy

Maren Morris is opening up about her health, revealing her wedding in 2018 to singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd became the motivation she needed to get in shape. In a recent post on Twitter, Morris commented on a photo, saying she was 20 pounds heavier then, and is now explaining why she used to weigh more.

"After taking that picture, I went through this horrible breakup, and I lost so much weight," Morris told Women's Health. "I didn't look at my body like it was healthy — when you're going through emotional turmoil, it's hard to eat. That was a wake-up call; I need to address my mental and physical health."

In hindsight, Morris realized she was unhealthy at a point when her health mattered the most ot her.

"I put weight back on when I started really laying into my career and tour — things that brought me happiness," Morris said.

In addition to giving up unhealthy foods, the Texas native also let go of another unhealthy habit: cigarettes.

"It used to be such a stress reliever," Morris said, adding that she now unwinds by talking with her band or friends on the road with her. "My life revolves around music, so anytime I don't have to talk about it is a nice defuser after a crazy adrenaline rush."

The 29-year-old works out with celebrity trainer Erin Oprea, working hard at staying fit both at home and on her Girl: The World Tour.

"My trainer, Erin, and I love doing a lot of resistance training," Morris said. "When I'm on tour, she can't always come with me, so I just use a yoga mat and free weights on my bus, and I'll FaceTime session with her, so it's kind of like a mobile trainer. We just do a ton of lunges, squats, a lot of upper body – we do a cardio mix throughout, and then stretch afterwards really well."

Morris might be the reigning queen of country music, but she still experiences nerves before she appears in front of her mostly sold-out crowds.

"It's stage fright," Morris maintained. "Some parts of it never go away. When I get out there and relax into it, I'm fine."


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Matt Winkelmeyer