Maren Morris Opens up About Inspiration Behind 'GIRL'

Maren Morris is opening up about the inspiration behind her latest single, "GIRL," which is the debut single from her upcoming new album.

"There's a line in the verse where it says, 'I don't like myself right now,'" Morris told SiriusXM's The Highway. "That's a really tough message to admit, that I'm not killing it right now. I'm really not on my game. And I just need to accept that for today, and tomorrow is a new day.' I think that allows people to realize, just because you're an artist, doesn't mean that you're successful every single day, and you're celebrating that success every day.

"There's dark sides to everything," she continued. "I've had to do a lot of soul-diving this past year, personally and professionally. Getting married, and going into this new phase artistic-ness with this song, and this album."

It was important for Morris to write and record something not only for her, but for everyone who would hear it.

"What do I say in this very polarizing world right now?" Morris questioned. "I want to make people feel better, but I also want to make myself feel better by getting this off my chest. And so this album is sort of hitting all those marks. It took a long time to finish and perfect, but this song hopefully is therapeutic to others in the same way it was me when I wrote it."

"GIRL" was written by Morris, along with Greg Kurstin and Sarah Aarons, and was inspired by a conversation she wanted to have with a friend.

"'GIRL' is officially out," Morris shared on social media. "I'm sobbing all the happy tears. This song pulled something out of my soul the day Sarah Aarons, Greg Kurstin and I wrote it and I couldn't shake it. I hope it brings some comfort and peace to your inner critic. Love yourselves and love each other."

The song also earned rave reviews from Morris's husband, Ryan Hurd.

"So proud of this girl," Hurd wrote on social media. "And Girl. Everyone asked if she was making a pop record, and she went and made something uniquely Maren. And even after hearing it a hundred times in our kitchen, it still is so right. Huge smiles for you, Girl."

The song is also part of the title of Morris's upcoming Girl: The World Tour, with Cassadee Pope and RaeLynn serving as her opening acts. Find dates, and purchase "GIRL," by visiting her official website.


Photo Credit: Getty / Steve Jennings