Maren Morris Celebrates Five Months With Son Hayes in New Photos

Maren Morris has been a mom for five months since the birth of her son, Hayes, in March, and the singer shared her son's latest milestone with fans with a pair of sweet photos on social media on Sunday. In the snaps, likely taken at Morris and husband Ryan Hurd's home in Nashville, the "My Church" singer held her son in the air, a tiny bucket hat perched on Hayes' head as she smiled at him in the first photo and puckered her lips in the second.

"5 months," Morris captioned the snaps along with several sparkle emojis. The Texas native was scheduled to be on the road this summer on her RSVP: The Tour, with her husband as an opening act, but the tour has been moved to 2021 due to the coronavirus. While Morris and Hurd are missing the road, the couple recently shared during an appearance on The Bobby Bones Show that this time with their son has been a "silver lining."

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"He's great. We really couldn't have asked for a more magical human to be brought into our lives during this crazy time, and he's kept us... he's been like a good distraction from not being able to tour," Morris said. "It's been fun to be home with him," Hurd pointed out. "It’s cool mostly for me because he needs to be with Maren for like the first year if his life, so I kinda would have been coming in and out of for the first this year had we been touring."

"And we obviously miss the road and we miss our people so much, but the silver lining is getting to spend every single moment of this year with our son, who is never going to be this small again," he continued. "I try to really soak that time up because it’s not time I would have had otherwise."

Morris underwent an emergency C-section during Hayes' arrival and has since been recovering. "I had a really grueling delivery at the end — it was like 30 hours of labor, C-section at the very end and it was just like about getting him out safely," she said. "And just the recovery was super hard, not being able to work out and also having my tour get rescheduled. It was just a lot mentally and physically. I think what I've been able to work through in four and a half months has been kind of amazing."