Maddie & Tae Release 'Die From A Broken Heart' From Upcoming New Album

Maddie & Tae are sharing a brand-new song, 'Die From A Broken Heart.' The song is from their [...]

Maddie & Tae are sharing a brand-new song, "Die From A Broken Heart." The song is from their upcoming sophomore record.

"Die From A Broken Heart," which says, "How does he sleep at night? / Momma the nerve of this guy / To leave so easy / Am I gonna be alright? / I wanna kick myself for falling so hard / Momma, can you die of a broken heart?," was written when the duo, made up of Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye, weren't even sure they had a record deal.

"We wrote it with Jonathan Singleton and Deric Ruttan, two of our favorite writers in town," Marlow shared with and other media."They have another song on our record too; those are two writers that we really gelled with, because they love writing from a deeper place. So we just really connect with them on that. We walked into the write, and Jonathan actually had the title. We were like, 'How could we approach this? What's the most relatable way that we can make this?'

"We kind of started talking about what we were going through, because we wrote this right when we were about to start transitioning labels," she continued. "We were still in the in-between, and we were feeling broken, and feeling defeated at this point in our career. Maybe not like relationship, but in our career we were really, really having a hard time."

Maddie & Tae were drawn to the message of the song, in part because of the deep bond they both have with their own parents.

"At least, maybe even twice a day we call our parents, and we're like, 'What do we do? Is this the end of the world? What's happening?'" revealed Marlow. "Because your parents are invincible. I feel like that's something for everyone. At least for both of us, we feel that way. We wanted to write this song where you could feel it from the Mom's perspective, from the girl's perspective, from the dad's perspective. We wanted it, whatever character you connect with, you heard their perspective."

The song became especially poignant considering the professional turmoil Maddie & Tae were going through. After the unexpected closure of their former record label, Dot Records, the young women were unsure what their future in music looked like.

"I remember when we wrote this song, it's obviously about calling your parents and asking for advice," Dye recounted. "I was scared to call my parents about telling them that the label had shut down. I was scared, because you want your parents to think that you're doing good. For me, I just know that if I call my parents and I tell them something that I'm going through, they're going to feel all of that pain with me. I just want to save them from that, and I wanted to save them from that.

"So the day we wrote that song, it kicked me in gear to be like, 'Okay, I can call my parents,'" she added. "They may not know what to say, but at least they're going to be there for me.'

Maddie & Tae have several shows on the calendar before they join Carrie Underwood on her Cry Pretty Tour 360 next May. Find a list of all of their upcoming shows at their official website.

The duo promise to have a new album, a concept record, released before the Cry Pretty Tour. Download "Die From A Broken Heart" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Michael Tran