Luke Bryan and Wife Caroline Are Back With New 'Date Night' Jockey Commercial

After showcasing their acting skills in a first commercial for Jockey, Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, have returned for a second spot that finds Bryan getting ready for date night. The clip begins with Bryan getting dressed as his wife comes into the room, telling him, "You look good in that Jockey tee... you better wear that on date night."

What follows is a series of clips of Bryan trying and failing to keep the white t-shirt spotless as he drinks coffee, eats a sandwich and spends some time with his dog Choc. After each stain-inducing encounter, he throws the shirt in the laundry, finally spotless again as Caroline walks in with her arms full of shopping bags. "You ready for date night, baby?" her husband asks her. "It's tomorrow night, Luke!" she responds, prompting a disappointed Bryan to sit back down on the couch.

The duo's first Jockey commercial debuted in August as well as a partnership between the Bryans and Jockey. "[Caroline] and I are excited to announce we are partnering with [Jockey]," Bryan wrote on Instagram at the time. "Their strong brand and values are such a natural fit for us as we are honored we were asked to be a part of their family." Caroline added, "Luke's 'a—' has always been famous and now it's covered in [Jockey]. Thank you to the whole Jockey family for allowing us to be a part of this campaign. We love you all!"

The Bryans' partnership will include a series of TV and radio commercials for the "There's Only One Jockey" campaign and will promote a number of items including the classic t-shirt, underwear, pajamas, thermals and loungewear.

"This partnership with Jockey, and why I'm so proud of it, it just feels like such a natural combination of what our family is about," Bryan said in a statement, via Sounds Like Nashville. "Jockey is such a strong family company and we're excited to be partnered with such a successful company for so many years. The clothes Jockey makes, the comfort and quality, and how they stand behind it, is so important to us."


"What I love about Jockey the most is their classic white T-shirt because girls can rock it, and boys can, too," Caroline added. "I have some that I just tie on the side and throw on a hat and cute shoes, and you're good to go. It's easy."