Luke Bryan Says Trolling Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean Is a 'Never-Ending Cycle'

Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean all got their start in country music within a few years of each other in the early '00s, and the three stars have developed a close friendship that often lends itself to a little bit of trolling. That was evident in a recent episode of Bryan's Rise Before Sunrise With Luke Bryan video series, part of the singer's partnership with Fendt, where the Georgia native discussed his friends' farming skills.

"I've actually seen Blake Shelton do farming type stuff," Bryan said in a clip as he drove a tractor. "No question I'm a better farmer than Blake." While he would let his friend Peyton Manning drive the tractor, Aldean was a no-go, since "Jason likes tequila too much to be on this tractor." Bryan elaborated on his relationship with Shelton and Aldean during a recent press event, joking that his fellow artists likely weren't too concerned about his playful jabs. "Blake's been busy getting married," he said. "And Jason, you know, he's somewhere on a beach somewhere probably. But I'm sure when they see the little jabs I give him, hey, that's the beauty of me and Blake's relationship, is that's all we do is jab each other, and then Jason."

"We can all take it," he continued. "Whatever they come back with me, it's just a never-ending cycle." Bryan, Shelton and Aldean have all referenced farming in their songs, and Bryan noted that "it's a very important part of country music." "We as artists, we're proud of our farming roots and we're proud of our fans," he said. "We know that our fans out there are hardworking farmers too, and so anytime we can make music and partner with a company like Fendt, it all feels right, and it feels natural. And we love speaking to our fans that way, especially myself."


Bryan will soon have another chance to troll Shelton, who was "busy getting married" to Gwen Stefani earlier this month, when he sends the couple a wedding gift. Speaking to PEOPLE, Bryan confirmed that he did not attend the wedding and "did not know it was happening," finding out about the nuptials "with the rest of the world." "But ... I have started my mental wedding gift soirée. I'm going to get a big box and there will be embarrassing items in there," he said. adding, "They'll be funny, sarcastic items so Blake and Gwen can expect my wedding gift with the Luke Bryan touch on it,"