Luke Bryan Performs 'Drink a Little Whiskey Down' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Luke Bryan visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week, sharing a performance of his song "Drink a Little Whiskey Down." The reflective track was written by Bryan, Matt Dragstrem and Josh Thompson, "Drink A Little Whiskey Down" sees Bryan admit that while he's been able to get over an ex for the most part, he needs to "drink a little whiskey down" when the memories return.

The American Idol judge performed on the show's stage with his band behind him as he strummed an acoustic guitar. "I drink a little whiskey, drink a little whiskey down / When the wondering if you miss me missing you comes around," he sang. "It don't happen like it used to happen / But when it does, I twist off the cap and / Drink a little whiskey, drink a little whiskey down."

"Drink a Little Whiskey Down" is one of six new songs on the deluxe edition of Bryan's album Born Here, Live Here, Die Here, which was released on April 9. "I'm really proud of them," the Georgia native said of his new songs during a conversation with Country Radio Broadcasters president Kurt Johnson during the annual Country Radio Seminar in February, adding that the deluxe edition "does have a little bit different tone than the original album."

Along with performing, Bryan also sat down for an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, where the duo discussed the singer's mom, LeClaire's, growing Instagram presence. "I was on the 'gram and I looked down and my mother had 209,000 Instagram followers," he said. "I’m like, 'How in the hell did this happen?'"


"And then I started worrying about the potential fallout," he continued, "because there’s no telling what she’s gonna wake up and do." To begin the segment, Kimmel had shown Bryan a video LeClaire posted of herself sitting in a hot tub with several cans of beer, which prompted the singer to lament the fact that his mom couldn't be bothered to support her son's product, Two Lane American Golden Lager.

"I put a new beer out, she's in a spa with Bud Light and I'm like, 'Momma, if you're gonna post, at least have your son's beer," he said. LeClaire had captioned her post, "Crash my spa party," in reference to her son's hit song "Crash My Party."