Luke Bryan Teases New 'What Makes You Country' Video

Luke Bryan is teasing the new video for his latest single, "What Makes You Country." Although Bryan doesn't share many details, he does reveal that the video, which will be out on Thursday, Dec. 13, features his sons, Bo and Tate, as well as his nephew, Til.

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In the clip, the video begins with one of the boys asking Bryan if they can play Spotlight.

"I don't know," answered the singer. "We haven't never been out here before.

"Please, Dad?" his son begged.

"You can go play Spotlight," Bryan relented, right before the music begins, with Til sitting beside him. "Just be careful. Hey! Be careful! And don't go too far."

Although the Georgia native doesn't share any more details about the video, the song, which is the title track and fourth single off of his sixth studio album, was written by Bryan, along with Dallas Davidson and Ashley Gorley, and born of his own personal experiences.

"What makes me proud to be country is the fact that I've navigated so many aspects of this career and held onto being country in a lot of ways," Bryan explained. "I've gotten to follow all of my dreams and still remain true to who I am as a person. Be proud of what makes you country — there's room for everybody to be country."

It's only fitting that Bryan's boys and Til are in the "What Makes You Country" video, since the singer-songwriter calls them his proudest accomplishment.

"How [they've carved a] path toward being gentlemen and gentlemanly boys," Bryan told PEOPLE. "And they're just so different. They come home and sit down they do their homework and I'm like, 'I didn't do that when I was a kid.'"

"They're just well-rounded kids — learning farm life and how to live on a farm and do outdoor things," Bryan continued, "but they've also come with me and been on set of American Idol and to these big cities and watched me do Dodgers Stadium and [have seen] the whole world and have a nice perception of it."

Bryan just wrapped up his stadium What Makes You Country Tour. He will return to the set of American Idol in 2019, but says he may not tour as much next year, so he can spend more time with his family.


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Photo Credit: Getty images / Boston Globe