Luke Bryan Interrupted by Dog, Friends' Phone Call While Trying to Sing 'Knockin' Boots'

Luke Bryan just debuted a new song, "Knockin' Boots," by singing it in his own home, but the performance came with a few hiccups. As the singer was trying to perform the song for the first time, he got interrupted not only by his beautiful brown lab, Choc, but also by a friend calling him on his phone.

A female voice, likely Bryan's wife, Caroline, can be heard saying, "You're live," before Bryan begins the video.

"Hey guys, it's Luke, and my partner, Choc," he said. "Choc, you keep getting cameos in a lot of my stuff." Bryan then tells the dog to heel, which Choc doesn't quite obey.

"Anyway, I'm very excited. I've got a brand new song, 'Knockin' Boots,'" the singer continued, as Choc wandered around the stool where Bryan was sitting. "This is the first time I have officially performed it with a guitar, and I can't guarantee no mistakes. We're gonna have some fun, and hopefully Choc won't howl during my performance."

Bryan gets about halfway through the song, during the second verse, when his phone begins to ring.

"My phone's ringing," Bryan said, not missing a beat as he continued singing his latest single. But he had to play a few extra measures before the second chorus, while he laughed as his phone continued to ring.

After the song ended, he looked at his phone to see who it was, and tried to call them back while he was still being recorded.

"All right, I'm gonna see who called me," Bryan said as soon as he wrapped up the song. "Watch this. This will be funny. It's Troy Goldsby. Troy Goldsby, my fish guy. He calls me 30 times a day."

When Goldsby doesn't answer the phone, Bryan quipped, "So now he's going to miss the call. He's gonna call me right back."

Bryan also evaluated his own performance of the song, which he acknowledged wasn't perfect.

"I had like two mistakes," he admitted. "But I had distractions, and my phone going off. Choc kind of went to sleep, which is a good sign. I lullabied him. Love y'all."

"Knockin' Boots" is the debut single from an upcoming new album, the follow-up to his 2017 What Makes You Country record.

"From the moment I heard this song I knew I had to get in the studio and record it," Bryan said of the song, which was written by Hillary Lindsey, Gordie Sampson and Jon Nite. "I just couldn't get it out of my head. This may be the fastest turn around I have ever done with a song."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/ Rick Kern